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Continuum Aquatics Flora Viv KH+

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Flora Viv KH+ is a high quality product designed to raise the alkalinity (carbonate hardness (KH) or buffering capacity) of freshwater and planted aquariums at a pH of 7.8 or lower. It will increase the stability of pH over a wide range of conditions providing for safety of the entire system. It contains no phosphates, which often cause unwanted algae growth (many competing products contain 100% phosphates).


Use in aquarium keeping.

Proper control of pH and alkalinity are among the most critical functions of maintaining an aquarium. Continuum recommends that you maintain an alkalinity level as specified in the directions.

For initial setup, if you are using reverse osmosis or deionised water, or if your tap water is very soft, first use Flora Viv Reconstitute RO and/or Flora Viv GH+ as directed on the label to adjust the TDS and general hardness.


Then dissolve 1/8 teaspoon (about 1 gram) of this product in 500ml of tank water in a separate container. Add in an area of high flow directly to the aquarium for each 76L tank capacity, per day until the desired alkalinity is reached.


For best results, consult an aquarium keeping book for proper alkalinity levels for the fish you are keeping. If you don’t have that information, Continuum recommends 60 to 100 ppm or 3 to 5 degrees dKH (German degrees of carbonate hardness or Karbonathaerte) for mixed freshwater fishes or half that for discus and other softwater species. Wait at least 2 hours for pH to stabilise, then measure.