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Continuum Aquatics Reef Basis Captiv Phos W 600g





  • Description

Reef Basis Captiv Phos W is a supreme quality, spherical white proprietary filtration medium particularly selected for sensitive aquarium environments. It is designed to remove free phosphates and silicates that can act a fertiliser for unwanted algae or diatoms, directly from the water. It will not kill algae and does not contain any algaecides. It is safe for all marine and freshwater life.

Use in aquarium keeping

Phosphates enter the aquarium primarily through tap water additions for evaporation or water changes, food addition, particularly brine shrimp and use of inexpensive carbon. Silicates enter the aquarium primarily through tap water (natural water contains silicates and water companies add sodium silicate to control equipment corrosion), poor salt mixes, and also improperly filtered additives made from tap water. Phosphates and silicates should be first controlled by the use of water made by reverse osmosis or deionisation, limiting phosphate bearing foods and use of a good grade of aquarium carbon from a company you trust. Reef Basis Captiv Phos W should then be employed to reduce the phosphates that remain, to a level of about .04 mg/l (ppm) or less.

Instuctions for use

Rinse well in cold filtered freshwater, preferably RO or distilled water, but tap water may be used. Warning: never rinse the first time with saltwater! Product and water may get very hot the first time it is rinsed. Wear rubber gloves and allow to cool prior to use! Discard rinse water. Place loosely in a polyester filter bag or filter chamber and position to force water flow through the beads.

For best results, use a particulate prefilter ahead of the Captiv Phos W, such as filter floss or fine sponge. Use about 1 gram per gallon of aquarium capacity, or about 2/3 cupful per 400L.