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Continuum Aquatics Reef Basis Iron

Prices start from $10.00






  • Description

Reef Basis Iron is a bio-available, chelated iron complex designed to safely raise the iron level in marine aquariums.

This product, provides essential iron for increased growth rates in caulerpa, coralline algae, other calcareous marine algae and many other marine organisms.

Iron is crucial for photosynthesis in all plants, including caulerpa, mangroves, calcareous algae, and symbiotic algae in coral, marine clam and other invertebrate tissues. In marine aquariums, iron is used up rapidly and removed through precipitation. Reef Basis Iron is chelated with EDTA, a professional sequestrant that will allow it to remain soluble until used by the life that requires it. Growth of all photosynthetic organisms also require strong lighting of proper spectrum. If you need help, please consult our friendly staff for assistance in the proper type of light, and photo periods for the corals and algae that you are growing.


Shake well prior to use. Add 1 capful (5 ml) per 200L of marine aquarium water 3 to 4 times per week. If measuring the iron concentration, add as required to maintain the concentration between .04 and 0.10 mg/L.

It contains no gluconates, or polygluconates. It is phosphate and nitrate free and contains no fertilisers that could cause unwanted hair algae growth.


Dosing through use of a drip system is a superior method of addition. Do not mix with buffers or alkalinity supplements prior to addition. You may mix it with strontium, magnesium, and many other supplements. Determine the amount of iron consumption during the time it takes add the entire volume of your drip system. Determine the amount of Reef Basis Iron to add in millilitres by multiplying your tank capacity in gallons by the amount you want to raise it in mg/l (ppm) and by 1.0. (Example: if you have a 100 gallon tank and you want to raise the level by 0.05 ppm with the entire dose, you would multiply 100 x .05 x 1.0 which equals 5 ml of Reef Basis Iron or 1 capful).