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Dupla CO2 Reactor S







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The Dupla  CO2 Reactor S is a product of the highest quality and reliability. Stringent and constant quality control in the production process in compliance with ISO 9001 results in a product with a long life cycle.


The  CO2 Reactor S is perfectly suited for the optimum and almost maintenance-free  CO2 fertilisation in large aquaria. In conjunction with the Dupla CO2 magnetic valve and the control devices Dupla pH-Control Delta or pH-Control Alpha, it forms a fully automatic, intelligent  CO2 fertilisation system for aquaria.


The design enables this reactor to be placed outside of the aquarium in a cupboard for instance, therefore keeping the aquarium just for the fish and plants.


When used in the aquarium or filter sump, the diffusion capacity may be reduced in a similar manner to the Reactor 400 by enabling various vent points along the body.



• Ideal for use with larger aquariums holding over 400 litres
• Easy to maintain
• High CO2-diffusion rate
• May be installed and operated either inside or outside aquaria
• Dimensions: H x Ø = 32 x 7,2 cm
• Hose fittings: 9-mm compression fittings for water, 3-mm compression fitting for CO2

1 x Dupla CO2 Reaktor S, complete with minicascade filling
1 x Wall bracket
1 x Pin for puncturing the diaphragms of regulator fittings
3 x Sealing caps for unused regulator fittings
2 x Suction cups