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Dupla Multireactor







  • Description
  • Specifications

The multi reactor is very versatile. It can be installed in a standing position in the filter sump or as a hang-on system directly connected to the aquarium. It can be connected to almost every common type of aquarium filter in bypass mode or can be operated with a separate feed pump. The multi reactor is suitable for both marine and fresh water aquaria.

Possible applications:
The multi reactor has two different perforated plates that should be used as follows according to the intended purpose.
For use with Biopellets (e.g. DuplaMarin Biopellets NP), the perforated plate with 3-mm-hole diameter is recommended as a base plate for better turbulence of the material. When using finer adsorbents (e.g. DuplaMarin Siliphos as phosphate and silicate adsorbents) or filtering charcoal, the perforated plate with 2-mm-hole diameter should be used as a base plate.

• incl. hang-on-system

• can be fixed directly to the aquarium 

• simple installation

• can be used as pellet reactor, a fluidised bed reactor or as a simple filter for a wide variety of filter materials

• many different applications due to different-sized perforated plates

• incl. silicone tube

• instructions for use

Holding Capacity Max. Flow Rate Size Inlet/Outlet


(L x W x H) cm

Pipe Diameter
1500 ml 1200 l/ph 16 mm / 16 mm 11.5 x 12.7 x 40.7 cm 8 cm


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