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Dupla Nitrate Filter (Freshwater)







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The Dupla Nitrate Filter can be used universally and is delivered complete with wall mounting and 2 different tube connections (6mm and 9mm).


The filter casing is filled with 500ml of Duresin N - a regenerative, alkaline anion exchanger with high nitrate selectivity. This resin binds residual nitrates in the permeate (pure water in the reverse osmosis system) and removes nitrates directly in freshwater aquariums


The filter casing must be mounted vertically. The flow direction is from bottom to top, in order to press the air out of the filter container. This ensures that the entire filter material is coated with water.


Using the included tube connection for 9/12 aquarium hose, the filter casing FG 500 can be connected to nearly every common aquarium filter type in by-pass operation or operated independently with a pump. The Dupla filter casing FG 500 can also be mounted easily behind a reverse osmosis system with the included fittings (fitting for all 6mm tubes).


Binding capacity of Duresin N 500ml: 30,000mg N03


Flow Speed

(Bead Volume Per Hour)

Length (cm) Pipe Diameter
500 ml 8-40 BV/h Æ 29 cm 7 cm



1x Dupla filter casing FG 500

1x Grid plate with micro filter

1x Micro sponge filter

1x Sealing ring in the filter cover

1x Wall mounting

1x Connection set angle fitting plug seal 6mm for reverse osmosis

1x Connection set 2. piece 9mm hose nozzle