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Dupla Plant 24 (Liquid) 10ml


  • Description

Dupla Plant 24 is a liquid daily fertilizer with iron and trace elements for tropical aquariums.

In the artificial biotope aquarium nutrients should never be available in over-abundance as it can result in a major overgrowth of algae.

For this reason the concentration of Dupla Plant 24 is nutritionally balanced and has been formulated so that plants are able to consume these nutrients at a normal rate.  

Product details

  • ideal nutrient combination for aquaria plants
  • promotes growth and appearance
  • rich in iron available to plants
  • with the most important trace elements
  • prevents deficiency symptoms
  • pH neutral and phosphate free
  • 1 drop is enough for daily supplementing of 50 litres of aquaria water
  • 10 ml contents sufficient for 10,000 litres