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Dymax Clear X Powder






  • Description

Dymax Clear X Powder
5 pack

  • Provide crystal water within minutes
  • Treat cloudy water, green water and purified water conditions

Dymax Clear X Powder is an innovative product from Dymax used to clear your aquarium water quickly and effectively.

It makes the aquarium water crystal clear and can maintain the crystal clear effect for up to a month.

It is safe to use in both marine and freshwater aquarium environments, or even planted tanks without affecting the aquatic life forms, plants or invertebrates.

This magical powder comes in a pack of 5 sachet, 1 sachet is 5gm and can treat up to 500 liters of aquarium water.

Only one treatment is adequate, place some powder within the filter media and apply the rest into the aquarium tank. Works extremely well even without activated carbon.
Treatment helps to remove cloudy water, green water and helps to purify water conditions.

Long lasting effect that last up to more than a month of clear water.