Dymax Crystal Co2 Indicator - Large

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Dymax Crystal Co2 Indicator

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The Dymax Crystal CO2 Indicator is a simple and effective way to monitor approximate CO2 levels in your planted aquarium.
The indicator solution changes color depending on the CO2 concentration in the water, with blue indicating too little CO2, yellow indicating too much CO2, and green indicating the optimal CO2 level.

The Dymax Crystal CO2 Indicator is easy to use.
Simply fill the drop checker with the indicator solution, attach it to the side of your aquarium with the suction cup, and wait for the color to change.

The Dymax Crystal CO2 Indicator is a must-have for any aquarist who wants to keep their planted aquarium healthy and thriving.
It is a simple, affordable, and reliable way to monitor CO2 levels and ensure that your plants have everything they need to grow.


  • Easy to use
  • Accurate results
  • Durable glass construction
  • Includes suction cup for easy attachment to aquarium

Instructions for use:

  1. Fill the glass tube with the indicator solution.
  2. Attach the suction cup to the side of your aquarium.
  3. Allow the solution to sit for 2-3 hours before checking the color.
  4. The color of the solution will indicate the CO2 concentration in the water.

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