Dymax Iron Supplements 50 Tablets

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Rich iron nutrients that does not easily oxidize in water.

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The iron supplement is an activated bio-ferric tablet, that provides stable and long-lasting nutrients for your aquarium plants.
This rich iron nutrient does not easily oxidized in water compared to other ordinary iron nutrients.
Contains various essential trace elements such as manganese, copper, and zinc, which are important for plant growth and health.
Helps to enhance the natural colors of plants and make them more vibrant without affecting fish. 


  • Promotes healthy plant growth and color.
  • Provides a stable and long-lasting source of iron.
  • Does not easily oxidize in water.
  • Safe for fish.

How to use:

  1. Add one tablet per 20L of water.
  2. Repeat weekly.
  3. Insert 1cm below substrate.

Keep out of reach of children.