Eco Tech Dual Dimming Day/Night Reptile Thermostat

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This all-in-one control center goes beyond basic temperature management, offering electronic dimming and day/night function to create a truly natural and healthy environment for your scaly friend.

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The ultimate tool for creating a thriving and natural environment. This powerhouse device goes beyond basic temperature control, offering precision dimming and automated day/night cycles to cater to your reptile's specific needs and instincts.


  • An alarm function to alert you if the temperature falls or increases beyond the set temperature range (between 1-5 degrees).
  • Night time temperature reduction that simulates wild conditions and dimming control that prolongs the life of the heat source.
  • Sunrise and sunset simulations: Gently transition from bright basking lights to soft moonlight with the built-in timer and electronic dimming. This mimics the natural light cycle, promoting healthy sleep patterns and stress-free basking.
  • Precision temperature control: Set the perfect temperature (from 0.0 to 50.0°C) with a resolution of 0.1°C, ensuring your reptile's comfort regardless of the season.
  • Dimming without the hum: Unlike traditional dimming methods, electronic dimming operates silently, providing peaceful nighttime ambiance for both you and your reptile.
  • Say goodbye to overheating: This thermostat boasts overheat protection, keeping your enclosure safe and your reptile at the perfect temperature.
  • Powerful and versatile: Control heating devices up to 1200 watts, making it ideal for a variety of enclosures and reptile species.
  • Simple and intuitive: A clear digital display and user-friendly interface make setting and monitoring temperatures and lighting schedules a breeze.

More Than Just a Thermostat:
This Eco Tech Advanced Reptile Thermostat is an investment in your reptile's well-being. It's not just about temperature; it's about creating a holistic environment that promotes natural behaviors, reduces stress, and fosters optimal health.