Eheim O Ring for Classic 350 (2215)

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Designed to fit the Eheim Classic 350 (formerly called Classic 2215) Canister Filter.
Part No. 7312738


The Eheim O-Ring for Classic 350 (2215) is a vital replacement part for your Eheim Classic 350 canister filter (formerly known as Classic 2215). This O-ring creates a watertight seal between the filter head and canister, preventing leaks and ensuring optimal performance.

Key Features:

  • Genuine Eheim replacement part (Part No. 7312738)
  • Designed specifically for Eheim Classic 350 (2215) canister filters
  • Creates a secure seal to prevent leaks
  • Maintains filter efficiency
  • Easy to replace


  • Prevents messy leaks and potential water damage
  • Ensures proper water flow through the filter
  • Protects your fish and aquarium from harmful leaks
  • Maintains the lifespan of your Eheim Classic 350 filter

Additional Information:

  • Regularly inspect your O-ring for signs of wear or damage, such as cracks or tears.
  • Replace the O-ring when necessary to maintain leak-free operation.
  • Refer to your Eheim Classic 350 (2215) filter manual for instructions on replacing the O-ring.

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