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Eheim Quick Vac Pro





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The Eheim Quick Vac Pro is an automatic gravel cleaner and sludge extractor.


Unlike syphon operated gravel vacuums which require buckets and hoses, the Eheim Quick Vac Pro is a hassle free solution to conveniently maintaining the aquarium bottom.


Use the Quick Vac Pro to:

  • Remove or extract waste before it has a chance to break down and pollute the aquarium water.
  • Decrease the buildup harmful aquarium toxins
  • Extend the intervals between water changes
  • Lighten the load on the aquarium filter
  • Save your money by reducing the amount of additives needed for water maintenance
  • Reduce the overall time spend on cleaning and aquarium maintenance


Batteries included.

HOW IT CLEANS: The advanced suction power is specifically designed to pick up dirt particles, remove waste and extract sludge without excessively disturbing gravel or the biological balance of an aquarium. The super fine mesh cartridge traps even the smallest of waste particles while letting water back into your aquarium (residual cloudy water will clear up shortly after use). The fine mesh cartridge easily snaps out for quick cleaning after you are done. 


SPECIALTY USE: For those who keep corals in marine aquariums, the Eheim Quick Vac Pro can be used to carefully clean between corals without disturbing the delicate nature of the polyps.


Battery operated (can function continuously for up to 4 hours) and can be used in aquariums of all shapes and sizes with a minimum depth of 12".


NOTE: This product is not recommended for aquariums with fine gravel or sand.