Eheim Sealing Gasket for 2222, 2224, 2322, 2324

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This Eheim sealing gasket is a genuine replacement part specifically designed for Eheim professional canister filters in the following models:

  • Eheim 2222
  • Eheim 2224
  • Eheim 2322 (Also fits ThermoFilter 2322)
  • Eheim 2324 (Also fits ThermoFilter 2324)

Part No. 7343168


The sealing gasket creates a watertight seal around the pump head of your Eheim canister filter. This prevents leaks and ensures optimal performance of your filter.


  • Genuine Eheim spare part
  • High-quality rubber construction for durability
  • Ensures a watertight seal for leak-free operation
  • Essential for maintaining the performance of your Eheim canister filter


  • Prevents leaks that can damage your aquarium and furnishings
  • Protects your investment in your Eheim canister filter
  • Maintains optimal water flow and filtration efficiency
  • Promotes a healthy aquarium environment for your fish

Replacement Recommendation

Eheim sealing gaskets are recommended to be replaced periodically, especially if you notice any leaks around the pump head of your filter. Worn or damaged gaskets can compromise the performance of your filter and should be replaced to ensure proper operation.

Additional Information

  • This product includes one (1) sealing gasket.
  • For detailed instructions on replacing the sealing gasket, refer to your Eheim canister filter manual.

Note: This product information sheet is for informational purposes only. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for specific replacement and maintenance procedures for your Eheim canister filter model.