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Fauna Marin Dino X 500ml







  • Description

Fauna Marin Dino X is a strong and effective preparation for the removal of hair and other pest algae in reef aquariums. DINO X also removes dinoflagellates and Briopsis algae. 


  • 5ml per 100 liters of aquarium water every 2 days until the algae are gone but never longer than 21 days per treatment.
  • Carefully calculate the contents of the aquarium to avoid overdosing!
  • Dispense in the evening after the lights are off. Without light, no photosynthesis can take place so that the treatment can be applied more effectively.
  • Lighting for up to 6 hours a day (blue lights may last up to 10 hours).
  • Ensure that the skimmer is optimally and heavily skimmed during the course of treatment.
  • Do not water change and do not add trace elements during the cure.
  • Remove Ozone, Activated Carbon, Zeolite and other absorbed media during the cure.
  • May Dinoflagellates come back after a few days, then dose again for a few days until the Dinoglagellates are gone.


  • Derbesia and other feather algae
  • Bubble and gold algae, Halimeda calcareous algae
  • Caulerpa
  • Bryopsis algae (Longer treatment required)
  • Dinoflagellates
  • Does not work against bacteria! Does not work for Cyanobacteria (flap)


  • Fauna Marin DINO X has been tested for 10 years. This product has no effect on corals and other invertebrates if you follow these instructions carefully! Redox value can decrease slightly.
  • Sea urchins and clams can be damaged after long use or overdose.
  • Caulerpa in Mud Filter or Refugium can be damaged.
  • Too much starvation of algae can produce poisonous substances (which are present in the algae). So try to remove as much alg as possible manually beforehand.
  • Coral polyps can remain closed for a few days.

* Always check the description which is on the product *