Fluval Flex Aquarium Unit 57 Litre White

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41 x 39 x 39cm
57 Litres
The Fluval Flex Aquarium Unit 57 L is a captivating blend of modern design and exceptional functionality, perfect for creating a thriving underwater haven in your home.
This stylish aquarium boasts a unique curved front that adds a touch of sophistication to any room, while its feature-rich design caters to the needs of both novice and experienced aquarists. Customisable LED lighting - 80 Different colour options! 

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41 x 39 x 39cm
57 Litres

The Fluval Flex 57 Litre aquarium unit is the perfect blend of modern design, innovative features, and exceptional functionality. This stylish nano aquarium boasts a captivating curved front and transforms your aquatic space into a visually stunning focal point.

Unveiling the Fluval Flex Experience:

  • Captivating Curved Design: The Fluval Flex's signature curved front panel creates a wider viewing area, allowing you to fully appreciate the beauty of your underwater world.

  • Customizable LED Lighting: Transform your aquarium into a mesmerizing display with the integrated LED lighting system. Choose from over 80 colour options, adjust brightness to suit your needs, and create captivating special effects like "faded cloud cover" or "lightning bolts" for a touch of drama. A conveniently concealed infrared remote sensor allows for effortless control.

  • Powerful 3-Stage Filtration: Maintain pristine water quality for your fish and plants with the integrated 3-stage filtration system. This powerful system utilizes oversized mechanical, chemical, and biological filter media to ensure a healthy and thriving underwater environment. The filtration system is neatly concealed within a dedicated compartment, offering ample space for a heater (sold separately) to maintain optimal water temperature.

  • Adjustable Water Flow: The unique multi-directional dual output nozzle allows you to customize the water flow within your aquarium. This ensures proper circulation and oxygenation throughout the tank, catering to the specific needs of your fish and aquatic plants.

  • Designed for Convenience: The canopy features a built-in feeding cutout for easy access, while Fluval's signature honeycomb wrap cleverly conceals the waterline and rear compartment, maintaining a clean and visually appealing aesthetic.

The Ideal Choice for Modern Aquascapers:

The Fluval Flex 57ltr aquarium unit is perfect for:

  • Creating a stylish and modern centerpiece in your home or office
  • Housing a variety of freshwater fish and plant species
  • Beginners seeking a user-friendly and easy-to-maintain aquarium setup
  • Experienced aquascapers looking for a canvas to showcase their creativity

Embrace the Modern Aquarium Experience:
The Fluval Flex 57ltr aquarium unit seamlessly blends cutting-edge design with exceptional functionality. With its captivating aesthetics, customizable lighting, powerful filtration, and user-friendly features, the Fluval Flex empowers you to create a thriving underwater haven that reflects your unique style and fosters the beauty of aquatic life.



(L  x W x H) cm

 # of LED’s  LUX  Wattage  Pump Output
Flex 57L 57 x 33 x 33 cm 36 + 3 RGB 1900 7 W 230 l/ph
Flex 34L 41 x 39 x 39 cm 48 + 6 RGB 2450 9 W 500 l/ph

Suitable for freshwater use only - 2 year warranty (must have receipt).

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