Fluval Nitrite Remover Pads 107/207

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Fluval Nitrite Remover Pads are filter media specifically designed for Fluval 106/107 and 206/207 performance canister filters.
These pads combine mechanical and chemical filtration to target nitrite in your aquarium water.


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Fluval Nitrite Remover Pads 107/207 are genuine Fluval filter media designed for Fluval 07 performance canister filters (Fluval 106/107 & 206/207). These convenient, easy-to-use pads provide double the benefit:

  • Effective Mechanical Filtration: Traps floating debris, excess food, and fish waste for clear, sparkling aquarium water.
  • Targeted Chemical Filtration: Removes and reduces harmful nitrite levels, a toxin dangerous to fish.


  • Improves water quality by removing nitrite and debris.
  • Promotes a healthier aquatic environment for your fish.
  • Helps prevent fish loss due to nitrite poisoning.
  • Supports the growth of beneficial bacteria through improved water clarity.
  • Convenient and easy to use.


  • Compatibility: Fluval 07 performance canister filters (Fluval 106/107 & 206/207)
  • Format: 3 pads per pack


  1. Rinse the pad briefly in aquarium water before initial use.
  2. Place the pad in the designated filter media basket of your Fluval canister filter.
  3. Replace the pad monthly or more frequently as needed based on your water testing results.

Note: For optimal water quality, it's essential to test your aquarium water regularly and replace the Fluval Nitrite Remover Pads as directed.

PT: A263

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