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Giesemann Vervve Plus & Vervve One POLAR WHITE (Master and Slave)



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2 x LED Light Units!
Vervve Plus (Master) & Vervve One (Slave) POLAR WHITE
The Giesemann Verve One can be controlled through Bluetooth with the Giesemann VERVvE Plus LED Aquarium Light (Master With Bluetooth).
The Giesemann VERVvE One can also be programmed without the Plus unit, however, all programming will be done with the on-board controller (and not a phone or computer)

Full spectrum + UV output. 56 Optimized LEDs & 1450+ programmable set points. Six-channel independent control of color spectrum and intensity.

Dimensions: 350 x 250 x 35 mm (13.7 x 9.8 x 1.35 inches)

160/180 Watt max.

The elegant design of this full spectrum lighting system combines unmatched performance and almost unlimited setting options, making it a perfect solution for your aquarium lighting.

  • Compact dimensions, clever details and high performance LED technology fulfils all expectations.
  • Extremely silent fan supports the passive cooling system
  • Temperature controlled variable active cooling
  • Fan grille prevents dust contamination
  • Easy to clean and loss-free hardened glass splash cover
  • Built- in computer with display and jogdial
  • Additional salt water resistant aluminium powder coating
  • External mains adaptor with 24 volt safety voltage

Through the use of starkly concentrated lenses, a perfect illumination for spaces between 50 to 80 cm in width and 50 to 60 cm in breadth can be achieved.

Specially conceptualised high gloss individual reflectors for each LED, guarantee the highest light yield and optimal colour mixing. The reflective underside of the LED reflects light back into the aquarium. This means that no light is lost, and 100% of it reaches its intended destination – your aquarium.

  • Primary LED optics with 120 degree radiation angle
  • Secondary optic with reflectors and 90 degree light distribution
  • Two high gloss polished aluminium reflectors
  • Easy to clean, light friendly protective acrylic glass pane

The lighting concept is as cutting edge as the lamps themselves. With an energy consumption of just 180 watts, the careful selection of LEDs leads to outstanding performance and brilliance, that even more powerful and more numerous LED's in another system is not able to achieve. Our contribution to energy efficiency combined with outstanding output is just one of the clever details that you will find in every GIESEMANN lamp.

Every VERVve consists of 2 LED clusters with carefully chosen market leading LED's.