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Hydor Koralia 3G Circulation Wave Pump 7000







  • Description
Hydor Koralia 3G Circulation Wave Pump 7000

The exclusive Hydor design and technology guarantee a continuous and powerful water flow, which can be directed freely thanks to the unique Dual Magnetic Support System (DMSS) sphere shaped connection.

The DMSS can safely hold the Hydor Koralia 3G pump on glass or acrylic tanks up to 15 mm thickness (1/2 in).

Hydor Koralia 3G guarantees high performance, low energy consumption, quick and easy maintenance.
The perfect solution for recreating the natural motion of tides and waves for reef aquariums.

This circulation pump boasts a brand-new design aimed at saving energy; just 1 Watt is used per 1450 l/h of water flow.

Technical features:

  • High-level performance
  • Very low energy consumption 
  • Dual magnetic suction cup support, enabling you to position the pump in any direction you desire
  • Very quiet, thanks to the vibration-absorbing silicone
  • 3 different flow rates available
  • Includes 3 protective grills for fish
  • Compatible with controllers and timers 
  • Complete with spiral cable protector
  • 4.5 watts
  • 7000 L/PH
  • Australian Plug