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Juwel Easy Feed Automatic Feeder





  • Description

EasyFeed - automatic feeder

The JUWEL automatic feeder can be used in any aquarium. Using the right mounting support, it can be fitted particularly simply and quickly to any JUWEL aquarium.


It can be programmed for two feeding cycles a day and allows you to feed your fish at intervals of six hours.

Big Volume

The volume of the adjustable feed container is designed for up to 60 feeds. Feed in pellet form is ideal for use in automatic feeders.

Optimal Ventilation

For environments with particularly high humidity, the JUWEL automatic feeder is designed so that the drum can be ventilated using an ordinary air pump.


The JUWEL automatic feeder is supplied with batteries.

Measurements: 15 x 7 x 7 cm

Battery Type: AA

Frequently asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between the automatic feeder EasyFeed and the new SmartFeed?


A: Every JUWEL aquarium is already equipped for easy installation of an automatic feeder by JUWEL.
The EasyFeed can be programmed for two feeding cycles a day, and allows you to feed your fish at intervals of six hours.
JUWEL Aquarium has developed the SmartFeed to allow for more comfortable feeding with a more comprehensive range of functions. This automatic feeder can be programmed for three feeding cycles a day with 8 different dosing levels. The integrated display facilitates programming and provides for an overview of your settings. Two conveyor screws for flake and granulate feed are included, so you can adjust your automatic feeder to your type of feeding. A feed chamber extension is also included, to allow for automatic feeding during even longer periods of absence.