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Juwel Bioflow Service Set







Product Description

The JUWEL Bioflow Super Service-Set combines the Poly Pad and the JUWEL Carbon Sponge.


JUWEL Poly pad is used to catch coarse particles of dirt in the water.


As a mechanical pre-filter, it protects the filter from rapid soiling and means that you don't have to clean the other filter media as often.


JUWEL filter floss consists of fine, residue-free polyester material and is suitable for use in both saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

Characteristics of JUWEL Poly pad:
• Serves as a mechanical pre-filter

• Protects other filter media from rapid soiling

• Made of residue-free polyester material

• Suitable for use in saltwater and freshwater aquariums

• 5 filter flosses in each package


JUWEL charcoal filters absorb odour compounds and turbidity as well as toxic compounds, leaving the water in your aquarium crystal clear.


The Bioflow Super Service Set is perfect for the JUWEL Bioflow Super filtersystem.


Designed for: Juwel Rekord 60/80/600/800 aquarium.



1x Carbon sponge

4x Poly pad