Juwel EccoSkim 300l/h

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The Juwel EccoSkim 300l/h is a surface skimmer that helps to remove debris and oils from the surface of your aquarium. It also helps to increase oxygen levels in the water.

Pump Power l/h:
Energy Consumption:
4.4 W
Cable Length:

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300 litres per hour

The sucking power of the JUWEL EccoSkim skimmer allows residue film and other organic residues to be quickly removed from the surface of the water. More light is able to reach the bottom of the aquarium when residue films and other dirt has been removed which in turn increases oxygen content and promotes the vitality of plants and fishes.

The JUWEL EccoSkim may be used in all JUWEL aquariums. The filter mount allows the EccoSkim to be easily attached directly to the JUWEL inside filter.
Impurities on the water surface are effectively removed and transported directly into the JUWEL inside filter.


The appropriate suction mount allows the JUWEL EccoSkim to also be used in other widely available glass aquariums.


The JUWEL EccoSkim's float adapts to the water level and is therefore always ideally positioned for skimming surfaces effectively.

The JUWEL EccoSkim's skimming performance may be individually controlled. The power can be adjusted and therefore adapted to the aquarium's requirements by turning the control tube.

Additional tips:
  • Clean the filter basket regularly to ensure optimal performance. The frequency of cleaning will depend on the amount of debris in your aquarium.
  • If the skimmer is not working properly, check the inlet for blockages and make sure that the suction cup is securely attached.

The Juwel EccoSkim 300l/h is a great way to keep your aquarium clean and healthy. By following these instructions, you can ensure that your skimmer is working properly and effectively removing debris from the surface of the water.

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