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Juwel HeliaLux Spectrum LED 1500





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The HeliaLux Spectrum is a high-performance LED light unit with a full spectrum for your JUWEL aquarium.

The state-of-the-art, specially developed SMD LEDs guarantee maximum light yield for optimum plant growth while simultaneously realising energy savings of around 50%.

White LEDs illuminate your aquarium brilliantly, while red, blue and green LEDs create intense colours and maximum contrast in your underwater world.

The perfectly coordinated colour range promotes the vitality of your fish and ensures optimum plant growth in your aquarium.

Juwel HeliaLux Spectrum is suitable for all JUWEL aquariums with a permanently installed top frame. Such as Rio, Lido, Vision and Trigon.

Juwel HeliaLux UniversalFit also allows the HeliaLux Spectrum to be used on aquariums by other manufacturers.

There are no limits to the design or control when LEDs are used in conjunction with the optionally HeliaLux SmartControl.


Juwel HeliaLux Spectrum LED Lighting unit

  •  easily replaces the T8 or T5 light in your Juwel aquarium
  •  saves min. 50% energy compared to a T5 light in the same length
  •  combination of white LED with 9000 K and 6500 K for very good plant growth
  •  blue, red and green LED for the full spectrum of light
  •  scratch proof safety glass for maximum light penetration
  •  structured aluminium profile optimises heat dissipation - therefore longer lifetime of the LED
  •  with high-tech membrane as moisture ingress
  •  beam-angle: 120°
  •  Controller Juwel HeliaLux Smart Control optionally available

Juwel HeliaLux Spectrum 1500

  •  length 1492 mm
  •  60 W
  •  140 Lumens/W
  •  suitable for Rio 400, Rio 450, Vision 450