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Laguna Pressure Flo Pond Filter 6000 with UVC sterilisation





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Suit Ponds up to 3000L
The Pressure-Flo pressurised pond filter provides important water filtration functions that are essential for everyday pond maintenance: mechanical and biological filtration, as well as UVC sterilisation.


The new model Laguna Pressure Flo filters include a variety of improvements to simplify the maintenance process and provide more powerful filtration. Starting with the filter handles and diverter valve, each has been re-designed and strengthened. The cleaning handles now feature an ergonomically designed grip with re-enforced brush connections. The diverter valve has been re-shaped and enlarged to accommodate an improved cleaning indicator system and makes the patented Backwash Cleaning System easier to use. Yearly UV bulb maintenance has been simplified by improvements to UVC-Head; the screws used to attach the head to the filter unit are permanently connected to the UVC head. No more misplacing or losing screws during maintenance.


Pressure-Flo features a revolutionary patented Easy Clean Backwash-Cleaning System that completely cleans the entire surface of the foam filters, and has had significant improvements so is now even easier to use than before.


Pressure-Flo is designed to work in tandem with a solids handling pump, ideally a Laguna Max-Flo waterfall and filter pump. With the filter connected to the pump, water enters the unit through a water inlet. It then passes through the mechanical filtration stage, consisting of highly durable foam filters that intercept and trap dirt and debris.


Next, water enters a biological filtration chamber where it comes into contact with BioRock biological filter media which remove ammonia, and harbour beneficial bacteria keeping the water healthy for plants and fish.
Dirt-free water then passes along an 11W integrated UV-C lamp, where it is exposed to ultraviolet rays that inhibit the growth of algae. Water finally returns to the pond thoroughly cleansed. This patented system is the only one of its kind. Backwash cleaning can easily and comfortably be completed in a few minutes without opening the lid. This feature ensures that the filter performs at optimal levels for many days and prolongs the time between full maintenance sessions. An easy-to-view cleaning indicator signals when it's time to perform backwash cleaning.

The unit can be installed in or above ground. Power 230-240V 50HZ

Model Recommended Max Flow Pump Foam Pads & BioRock Max Head Height UV Wattage Pond Volume Dimensions (L x W x H) cm Weight Solids

Pressure Flo 3000

Max Flo 600 3 Foam 1.8m 11W 1500L 29.5 x 31.5 x 35cm 5KG 6mm
Pressure Flo 6000 Max Flo 960 4 Foam 1600g BioRock 2m 11W 3000L 29.5 x 31.5 x 51.5cm 8KG 6mm
Pressure Flo 10000 Max Flo 2000 4, 3200g BioRock 3.5m 18W 5000L 38.5 x 41.5 x 56cm 13KG 8mm
Pressure Flo 14000 Max Flo 2400 5, 4800g BioRock   24W 7000L 38.5 x 41.5 x 85.5cm 14KG 8mm