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Marina Bio-Clear Cartridge (3 pack)





  • Description

Marina Slim Filter Bio-Clear is a genuine replacement cartridge containing zeolite to remove harmful ammonia for all three Marina Slim Filter Models (S10, S15, S20).


Ideal for goldfish, the filter cartridge contains zeolite and Ceramitek for optimum filtration and a healthy aquarium.

The zeolite effectively adsorbs toxic ammonia and reduces stress on fish, while the Ceramitek, a highly porous ceramic biological filter medium, optimises biological filtration.


Designed to optimise and maintain biological filtration.
Each SLIM filter is equipped with 2,3 or 4 cartridges.
By alternating cartridge replacement, the Bio-Guard system ensures rapid cartridge seeding of beneficial bacteria, ensuring proper biological filtration for a clean and healthy aquarium.
For best results, replace 1 cartridge every 2-3 weeks.

Part No: A293