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MicMol Aqua Mini LED Marine






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The newest Aqua mini building the full spectrum and super power to make your tank more brilliant and happy growth, and the smart control system is the most amazing design.

The G3 Aqua mini is a All-in-One control system, you can easy and fast to set your light from the lighting directly.
The 90 degree secondary Lens (95% Purity) with the full spectrum make your tank vivid and colorful.

Amazing Features
Aluminum unibody and super bracket with the sharp design and easy to use, let your lighting become a simply style artwork.

Full Spectrum HD
The HD full spectrum building 7 bands LED which can raise growth and coloration for your corals and plants. The perfect curve and shining blue to show your tank completely beauty.

Smart Control System
The Smart Control System was upgraded to iMOS 3.0 now, It's comes with the smart settings: the clock, timer, auto and manual mode for LEDs channel, special effects (sunrise, sunset ..., lightning), demo and factory reset.

The most great upgrade is the Mode switch, you can easy to use the Auto and Manual mode for your lighting which can set your light fast and professional. The Auto mode is very smart to simulate the sunrise and sunset, the intensity is very smooth and vivid.