AmazonJungle Micro Sword Covered Log 25x9cm High

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Exotic plant replicas.


The Amazon Jungle Micro Sword Covered Log is the perfect addition to your aquarium, offering both a visually stunning decorative element and a functional hideout for your fish. This high-quality replica log, adorned with realistic artificial  plants, provides a natural and enriching environment for your aquatic pets.

Unveiling the Benefits:

  • Naturalistic Appeal: The realistic log design and lush artificial plants create a captivating underwater scene, mimicking the natural habitat of many fish species.
  • Essential Hiding Place: Fish instinctively seek shelter, and the hollow interior of the log provides a secure haven for them to rest, reduce stress, and feel safe. This can be particularly beneficial for shy or territorial fish.
  • Spawning Ground: Some fish species utilize caves and logs for spawning purposes. The Amazon Jungle Micro Sword Covered Log can serve as a breeding ground for these fish, promoting a thriving population within your aquarium.

Easy to Use and Maintain:

  • Simply rinse the log thoroughly under running water before placing it in your aquarium.
  • The artificial plants require minimal maintenance. Occasional rinsing with tank water can remove any debris buildup.
  • The log's stable design ensures it stays securely positioned within your aquarium.

Transform Your Underwater World:

The Amazon Jungle Micro Sword Covered Log is more than just an ornament; it's an enriching addition to your aquarium environment. Witness the positive impact it has on your fish's behavior and overall well-being as they explore their new hideaway and thriving habitat.

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