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NEW Aqua One Horizon 182 (182L) Black Edition






  • Description


182 Litres


Aqua One Horizon Black Aquarium allows you to create the ultimate underwater oasis for your aquatic inhabitants.
Featuring all the accessories you need to start your aquarium the Aqua One Horizon Black is the perfect complete aquarium set for any living space.

Suitable for Coldwater and Tropical

Complete kit includes:

  • Aquarium with black glass lids and back panel
  • Nautilus 1100 Canister filter
  • StripGlo LED (29.5w) lighting
  • 200w Glass heater
  • Matching black cabinet.


Features & Benefits:

  • Energy-efficient and powerful Nautilus 1100 canister filter comes with high quality biological and mechanical filter media.

  • StripGlo LED lighting features a slimline design andresin coating for a high level of water resistance while sitting underneath the lids to provide deeper light penetration within your aquarium.
    - Dimmable functions available on the LED light across all three light settings

  • Black glass sliding lids provide a sleek design, increasing the overall aesthetic by enclosing the light unit and helping direct light back into the tank

  • Sleek black glass back panel elevates the tank aesthetic whilst hiding unsightly plumbing and cables.
    The black background accentuates your decor and aquatic inhabitants.

  • Glass heater makes it easy to maintain the correct temperature with exceptional durability.

  • The stand and cabinet combination design keeps the canister filter out of sight.

Additional Info

  • Type: Coldwater, Tropical
  • Aquarium Size: 122x37x49cm
  • Cabinet Height 72cm
  • Vol. (L): 182
  • Lighting: 29.5W LED
  • Filtration: Canister Filter
  • Flow Rate: 1100L/hr
  • Voltage: 220 ~ 240V AC
  • Heating: Glass Heater
  • Power: 200W
  • Colour: Black
  • Length (cm): 122
  • Include Filter: Yes
  • Include Heater: Yes
  • Include Light: Yes
  • Matching Stand or Cabinet: Yes