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New Life Spectrum Optimum Flakes 90g






  • Description

New Life Spectrum Optimum Freshwater and Marine Flake.

Optimum is the most nutrient-rich flake available.

Optimum Flakes from New Life Spectrum are based on the new-generation Spectrum Nutrition Formula featuring all-natural preservatives.

New Life Spectrum Optimum Flakes are hormone free and easily digestible by your tropical and marine fish.

They are suitable for smaller, surface feeding community fish.

While pellets provide higher nutrient density and stability in water, this is a great solution for those fish conditioned to flakes or as a transition from flake foods to New Life Spectrum pellets.

Like all Spectrum products, Optimum flakes combine high quality marine proteins like Whole Antarctic Krill and aquatic veggies like Spirulina and Chlorella Seaweed into a nutrient rich solution for your fish.

Garlic-enriched high-protein flakes provide an all-round balanced diet for small fish.
(Larger fish should be fed on Spectrum pellet foods for best results.)

Flake food for smaller community fish and surface feeders, these flakes feature the Spectrum Nutrition Formula that includes whole antarctic krill, spirulina, garlic, whole fish and more.

*although flake food can maintain small fish, it will not promote long term growth & health for large fish due to unsufficient food consumption. For better results, feed New Life Spectrum FLOAT pellets.