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Nyos TORQ Dock







  • Description

Nyos took it upon themselves to rethink the reactor with their refreshing take on it, the TORQ - a high performance, two-piece, modular reactor, utilizing the DOCK and reactor BODY.   

Filter media is an essential part to maintaining a reef aquarium, helping remove any pollutants, improving the water quality and health of its inhabitants. The TORQ will handle media such as activated carbon, GFO, biopellets, and zeolite.

The Dock is a controllable pump and a base stand, taking a small footprint in your sump, required to power the TORQ reactor.  It`s universal connector works with all three TORQ Body sizes, ridding the use of hoses or valves, adding to the aesthetics of your sump.

The Body controls the Dock flow with just a torque of the cap, adjusting flow easily and precisely without getting your hands wet.  The modularity will make switching out old media for new as simple as swapping the Body, available in three sizes, 0.75, 1.0, and 2.0. The TORQ Body allows media to be flowed through optimally from every angle.  In the two larger sizes, you have the option of using the separator to mix and match your media.

Dock Specifications: