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Oase Pondovac 4 Pond Vacuum (50390)







  • Description
  • Features

The Oase Pondovac introduces a new worldwide innovation:

Continuous vacuum thanks to patented two chamber system.
Maximum suction depth of 2.4m thanks to high-performance 1,700 W motor with optimised blade geometry.
Extensive accessory package and aluminium suction tube.

Now you can vacuum the pond clean, non-stop! The Pondovac avoids the annoyance of container capacity restrictions, allowing the pond to be vacuumed constantly.

The Trick is its 2 Chamber System:

  • Two identically sized cylinders are filled and emptied in alternating cycles.
  • If one container is full then a valve is mechanically activated by a float.
  • This triggers emptying of one and at the same time allows the other cylinder to be filled.

This is how both vacuuming and emptying of the container can occur at the same time!

The wheels ensure that the device can be easily moved. The Pondovac comes with a variety of nozzles: a special string algae nozzle, a wide nozzle with a rubber lip, a crevice tool and a floor nozzle, the vacuum tube extension, as well as a debris collection bag for the water return. It saves precious time, facilitates pond cleaning, and guarantees a perfect result.

Key Features

  • Power consumption: 1700w
  • Cable Length: 4m
  • Max Particle Size: 10mm
  • Suction Hose: 5m  
  • Discharge Hose: 2.5m

Product Details:


Dual-chamber system
Two same-size cylinders are filled and emptied in alternating cycles. Thus, non-stop vacuuming is enabled.



Hand regulator
For adjusting the suction power, for example in shallow water. Likewise, it also enables intermittent back flushing of clogged nozzles.



Aluminium suction tubes
Everything is under control thanks to torsion-resistant aluminium suction tube. You can exert more pressure, especially when using the brush nozzles.


Handle, transport rollers + suction tube receptacle
Fast and convenient transport to the pond site via the adjustable and ergonomic handle.



Debris collection bag
Ideal for returning cleaned water when suctioning larger particles > 1 mm – not suitable for pond silt.