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Ocean Free Cata-Pure 4 x SQUARE Cartridge for Hydra 20, 30, 40 & 50





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4 x Cartridge

The Cata-Pure cartridge will last for 12 months. 


A team of scientists from Qian Hu and a local research company has scored a first by jointly developing the revolutionary Hydro-Pure Technology that is capable of enhancing the natural filtration processes in aquariums by as much as a few hundred percent when compared to conventional systems. 


This energy-efficient Hydro-Pure Technology is eco friendly and truly the first of its kind. The process not only provides a more efficient pathway for the degradation of waste in aquarium tanks, it also makes sure that the by-products are safe and the energy consumption is kept at its minimum level. 


The technique aims at the use of very low electric current to produce "OH" reactive ions which quickly break up bio-loads into nitrogen gas, water and smaller organic and inorganic ions through oxidation. The process involved is not to be compared to electrolysis techniques which use very high energy consumption; it is much less intrusive, simple and low cost. 


The trick is in the specially formulated medium (Cata-Pure) which catalyses the whole degradation process without the need of high current. 


With Hydro-Pure Technology coupled with natural bio-filtration, the water quality will be more stable and also more resistant to nutrient surges (ie ammonia spikes). Improved water quality will lead to healthier fish with more vibrant colouration, faster growth and decrease in fatalities.


We provided the below diagram to help you understand the technology better. Phase 1 is where your aquarium water enters the Hydro-Pure Technology chamber, Phase 2 is where the reaction takes place and Phase 3 is the end result. 



  • Detoxifies harmful wastes like Ammonia (NH3) and Nitrite (NO2-) to help hobbyists maintain purer water and a healthier aquarium
  • Breaks down Protein and nutrients
  • Helps reduce aquarium start up time (Nitrogen Cycle) and prevent New Tank Syndrome
  • Minimise frequency of water change thus saving time and greater savings on your utility bills
  • Minimise unpleasant smell from aquarium water
  • Improves water clarity
  • For Marine and Freshwater aquarium applications
Hydro-Pure Technology is suitable for marine and freshwater fish tanks of all sizes, all types of fishes, plants and live corals including all levels of stocking density. It also helps in the prevention of New Tank Syndrome especially in Marine tanks application, perfect for any applications that requires pristine water condition of safe and stable level of Ammonia, nitrites and nitrates acceptable for aquatic life form.
The Cata-Pure cartridge is designed to fit the Ocean Free Hydra Internal Filter & Hydra Stream.