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Ocean Free Hydra Filtron 1500 Canister Filter







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The evolutionary canister filter that will change the way you keep fish forever! 


Ocean Free Hydra Filtron Filters consists of revolutionary Hydro-Pure technology that uses Hydroxyl Radicals (•OH) it accelerates the startup time from the usual 4-5 weeks to within 1 week, reduces water odour, and retains a crystal clear tank.


It is the first canister filter in the world to incorporate the Hydro-Pure Technology into it's design. Hydro-Pure Technology is suitable for marine and freshwater fish tanks of all sizes, all types of fishes, plants and live corals including all levels of stocking density. 



The Hydra Filtron features 4 stages unlike other conventional filters that only use 3 stages.

STAGE 1 3DM Nuggets: Breaks down large solids and traps suspended particles. Provides a high surface area for beneficial bacteria which helps break down toxic waste e.g. ammonia and nitrites biologically

STAGE 2 Bio Mech Sponge: Breaks down finer solids and traps suspended particles. Provides surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow and purify toxic waste.

STAGE 3 3DM Beads: Provides highest surface area for beneficial bacteria which helps break down toxic waste biologically.

         Fine Filter wool: Removes fine particles.

        Carbon pad: Absorbs dissolved organic compounds and heavy metals to maximise efficiency of the Hydro-Pure technology.

STAGE 4 Hydro-Pure technology: Prevents new tank syndrome (NTS) which is the main cause of fish death in new tanks by constantly breaking down protein and detoxifying ammonia and nitrite. Reduces water changes. Produces crystal clear water. Reduces odours by the oxidzation of sulphur based elements which causes smell in the water. 


Hydra Filtron uses 3DM, a pH neutral revolutionary mineral based beneficial bacteria medium that incorporates most advanced manufacturing techniques and technology to create this macro-porous medium that contains up to 10x more surface area than conventional filter medium.


Model Aquarium Volume Flow Rate Max Head Height Wattage
Filtron 1000 90-300L Max 1000 l/ph 1.4m 13W
Filtron 1500 150-600 Max 1500 l/ph 2m 23W
Filtron 1800 200-800 Max 1800 l/ph 2.4m 32W