Ocean Free Hydra Filtron 1800 Fine Filter Wool

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The replacement Fine Filter Wool, Carbon Pad, and Black BioTrap Sponge for the Ocean Free Hydra Filtron 1800 canister filter. 

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The Ocean Free Hydra Filtron 1800 Fine Filter Wool is a replacement filter media specifically designed for the Hydra Filtron 1800 canister filter. These pads trap fine debris and free-floating particles in your aquarium water, ensuring exceptional clarity and a healthy environment for your fish.


  • Superior Mechanical Filtration: The fine wool fibers effectively trap microscopic waste particles, uneaten food, and other debris before they can break down and pollute your tank's water.
  • Crystal Clear Water: Regular replacement of filter wool helps maintain sparkling clean water, improving the overall aesthetic of your aquarium.
  • Healthy Fish Environment: By removing debris and preventing the build-up of ammonia and other harmful toxins, these filter pads contribute to a healthier habitat for your fish.
  • Easy Maintenance: The disposable filter wool simplifies maintenance. Simply remove and replace the pads on a regular basis (typically every 2-4 weeks) to ensure optimal filtration performance.


  • Compatibility: Designed specifically for the Ocean Free Hydra Filtron 1800 canister filter.
  • Quantity: Typically sold in packs of 3 filter wool pads.
  • Replacement Recommendation: For best results, replace the filter wool every 2-4 weeks, or more frequently depending on your aquarium's bioload.

Additional Notes:

  • Rinse the filter wool pads gently with aquarium water before placing them in the filter.
  • Do not use tap water to rinse the filter wool, as it can harm the beneficial bacteria in your aquarium.
  • Consider using the Ocean Free Hydra Filtron 1800 Fine Filter Wool in conjunction with other filter media, such as bio rings and activated carbon, for a comprehensive filtration system.