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Ocean Free Hydra Nano Plus Internal Filter







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OF® Hydra Nano Plus is designed to help nano-aquarium enthusiasts achieve the best water conditions. It is powered by Hydro-Pure Technology which helps to break down Protein and Nutrients, detoxify Ammonia (NH3) and Nitrite (NO2), thus creating and maintaining safe and pristine water

It can be easily converted to function as an internal filter or a low water level turtle tank filter, making it a truly versatile water depurating device.

Ocean Free's patented Hydro-Pure Technology, effectively produces Hydroxyl radicals which detoxifies harmful Ammonia and many other toxic ions to transform poor quality water conditions into a safe and stable living environment for aquatic life forms to thrive-in.

Hydra Nano Plus also incorporates a surface skimming function that removes unsightly surface oil film to help aquarists achieve crystal clear water surface that improves oxygen exchange and increases light penetration at water surface.

  • Versatile – Just by changing the fittings, Hydra Nano Plus can be used as a surface skimmer, an internal depurating filter or a low-water level filter for your turtle tank.
  • Achieve crystal clear water surface – Innovative surface skimmer design that automatically adjusts itself to function even with changes in water level (up to 30mm) caused by evaporation. The Skimmer-Inlet Sieve prevents small fishes or shrimps from being sucked in into the unit.
  • Greatly reduces water change frequency – Hydro-Pure Technology constantly breaks down Protein, detoxifies Ammonia (NH3) and Nitrite (NO2), reducing overall level of organic nutrients which results in clean and safe pristine water quality for your fishes.


Hydro-Pure Technology 

Instantly detoxifys ammonia and nitrite, reducing nutrient levels in which standard filters can not do. This technology process produces stable and constant nitrification and de-nitrification resulting in biologically clean and safe pristine water quality. 

Model Aquarium Volume Flow Rate Wattage
Hydra 30 Max 100-200L  600 lph 7.5W
Hydra 40 Max 200-500L 800 lph 10W
Hyadra 50 Max 500-800L 1000 lph 15W