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Ocean Free Kirameki Premium Wheatgerm Koi Pond Mini Pellet 1kg Bag







  • Description

Enriched with OF OPTIMA. Contains OF OPTIMA, a thoroughly tested Protein Linker, which links the Protein to the fish’s enzymatic cells to increase the digestibility and absorb-ability by 30% and a Phenotypic Metabolic Enhancer that enhances Food Conversion Ratio (FCR), boosts growth, improves health, and reduces mortality, thus giving your Koi a true measure of extra protection against sickness and disease.

Fortifies immune system. Bio-formulated to fortify the fish’s immune system for better health and extra resistance against sickness and viral diseases. In addition, it increases the fish’s resistance to parasitic infestation (Lernea, Anchor Worm).

Enhances growth through superior digestive performance. Helps maintain superior digestive performance through the use of superior fish and krill meal instead of mixture of vegetative and fish protein. This improves the absorption of essential nutrients from the food during digestion (better FCR), resulting in better growth, health and higher metabolic output.

No artificial or chemical colouring, natural colours only. No artificial or chemical colouring agent is added, the pellet’s colour is derived from the natural ingredients.

Improves natural healing, digestive and circulatory system. OF Kirameki is rich with essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins from natural ingredients that boost natural healing, enhances your Koi’s digestive system and circulatory system thus keeping your Koi in good shape.

Better water quality. As a result of high FCR, less metabolic (fecal) waste is produced and this reduces the dissolved nutrients entering the water thus improving the water quality. This floating type pellet also does not cloud your pond water.