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Ocean Free T2 Herbal Water Treatment 250ml





  • Description

250ml Treats 2500 Litres

Natural Herbal Extract and Health Supplement for External Parasite

OF Herbal External Parasite uses of natural Chinese herb extracts as a natural and safe supplement, creating an ideal environment for all fish, aquaculture and amphibians.


  • Effectively reduce parasites in water to improve water quality.
  • Safe dosage, will not harm aquatic life’s even if overdose by two times.
  • Controls water condition, stops the growth of harmful parasite.


  • Calculate the capacity of water to be treated.
  • Shake contents well before use. Use 1ml per 10L water. Apply dosage once for the period of 5-7 days. Continue dosage if necessary.

The above product is a non-medicinal product. It is meant solely for the use of creating an optimum sustainable environment for the aquatic life.