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Pacific Sun Algae Reactor AR-PRO Large





  • Description

Algae reactors for natural filtration – quickly remove nitrate and phosphates from water.

An algae bioreactor is used for cultivating micro or macro algae.

This kind of bioreactor is based on the photosynthetic reaction which is performed by the chlorophyll-containing algae itself using dissolved carbon dioxide and sunlight energy.
The carbon dioxide is dispersed into the reactor fluid to make it accessible for the algae.

The algae are photoautotroph organisms which perform oxygenic photosynthesis.

The AR-Pro series incorporates a unique design that allows macro algae such as Chaetomorpha to grow with great yields, leading to the effective nutrient export of unwanted nitrates and phosphates.

In addition to nutrient control, the use of AR-PRO algae reactor provides other benefits such as the consumption of excess CO2 and elevation of oxygen levels in the aquarium.

Recommended to be used on a reverse daylight cycle, helping to balance pH swings and create a stable environment for the tank inhabitants.

Key factors:

-NO3 reduction
-PO4 reduction
-Dissolved Organics reduction
-Carbon dioxide reduction
-Increased Oxygen Levels
-Increase and stabilise pH
-Increased Redox levels
-Improve water quality
-Speed up corals calcification
-Helps create healthy natural conditions for all aquarium inhabitants.
-Replaces other methods of nutrient control such as Carbon Dosing and Bio-Pellets with a natural solution.

System Size: 1000-2000L
Recommended Flow Rate: 1500-2000L/H
Body Material: High Quality Cast Acrylic
Dimensions: 250x250x550 mm
Hose Inlet/Outlet:
Barb hose version 20mm
Hard plumbing version 20 mm
Flow Pattern: Bottom Up
Light Type: Green Plant grow leds
Power consumption:  18,5W
Placement: AR-PRO reactors are made from reef safe materials but we recommend outside of the sump.