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Pond Master O2 Plus 8000 Air Pump





  • Description

The O2 Plus air pump from Pond One can be used for a number of different applications.

Specifically designed for outdoor use and are resistant to the perils that extreme weather can throw at them. 
Fitted with a 10m cable, installation is made simple in comparison to other models around.

Extremely powerful unit with output at 70 litres per minute, these are suitable for seriously large ponds or filter to stimulate aerobic activity or simply to add more oxygen to multiple points around the pond.  
With the design based upon the Aqua One indoor units, quietness is a given.
Outlet size is 12 inch.

Each unit comes with a 10 gang splitter allowing multiple air stones to be run simultanously.
The diaphragms of the pumps are Japanese silicone rubber cartridges which offer excellent reliability and life expenctancy.


1. Airlines can be run into the pond with air stones attached to the end, which will aid in the circulation of water in "dead spots". These are areas in the pond where water does not flow. As a result these areas become breeding grounds for algae and allow toxic gases like ammonia to accumulate. Extra circulation not only helps your fish to maintain their health but also aids in keeping the pond water clean by circulating anything which may have settled on the base to be picked up by the filtration system. Running airlines into the pond can also aid in providing oxygen in the event that the main filtration system fails.


2. Airstones should also be placed in the filtration system to boost the amount of oxygen in the water. This injection of oxygen will allow the nitrifying bacteria (which needs oxygen to survive to detoxify ammonia and nitrite) to perform more effectively in the break down of toxins and replenish oxygen used by this bacteria.




Multiple outlets (max of 10) which allows a number of individual devices to be used.

High volume, high pressure pond air pump

Easy to access air filter ensures quick and simple maintenance.

High grade long life silicone parts.

Twin air filters supply clean air to the pond by removing dust and pollution.

Aids in circulation of dead water spots

10m outdoor rated cable.

3 Year Guarantee