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API PondCare Melafix 473ml





  • Description

PondCare Melafix is an antibacterial remedy for the management of Koi and Goldfish diseases in a pond.

Aids the healing of ulcers, open wounds, fin and tail rot and damaged fins.
Also a great product to use when introducing new fish to the pond to help prevent disease.

Melafix uses the antiseptic properties of Melaleuca extract to aid tissue healing.
It also promotes re-growth of damaged fins and tissue.
Healing and tissue re-growth can often be seen within four days of treatment.
This product will not harm the biological filter, is safe for snails, plants and other wildlife.

Do not use on fish intended for human consumption.
Shake bottle well before use. Remove activated carbon in filtration system and turn off UV and O-zone producing units during treatment period, or treatment will not be affective.


For wounds, fin damage or infection:
add 5ml of MelaFix for every 200 litres of pond water.

When treating an advanced or chronic infection:
add 10ml of MelFix for every 200 litres of pond water.

When adding new fish to the pond:
add 5ml of MelaFix for every 200 litres of pond water. Repeat dose daily for 3 days.


foaming may occur during treatment.
When exposed to elevated temperatures, this product may turn cloudy in the bottle, this does not affect the activity of the product.