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API PondCare Stress Coat Plus 473ml





  • Description

PondCare Stress Coat Plus is a fish & tap water conditioner that completely neutralises chlorine, chloramine and associated ammonia.

Chloramine is toxic to fish as it is a molecule of chlorine and ammonia.
Many tap water conditioners merely break the bond, releasing the toxic associated ammonia.
Stress Coat Plus neutralises the associated ammonia, making the water safe for fish.

PondCare Stress Coat Plus is a special formula containing a slime coat replenisher and Aloe Vera to not only erase stress but also to promote the healing of damaged fish tissue and detoxifies heavy metals from tap water.

Recommended for use whenever adding water to the pond and new fish.

To remove and neutralise chlorine and chloramine:
Use whenever new tap water is added to the pond.

Add 1 tablespoon (15ml) of Stress Coat Plus for every 228 litres of new pond water, or half a cup (120ml) for every 1817 litres of new pond water.
In areas of known high chloramine use by local water companies you should double this dose for added protection to your fish. 


To protect fish:

Add 2 tablespoons (30ml) of Stress Coat Plus for every 228 litres of pond water in the pond to protect fish, or add half a cup (120ml) for every 908 litres to protect fish.