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PondMax BarleyMAX Pellets 900g







  • Description

BarleyMAX utilises barley degradation to help manage pond problems all year long. When placed in an area of steady water flow, BarleyMAX will slowly clean and polish pond water naturally. 


Safe for use with fish, plants, birds and domestic animals that may drink from the pond.



  • Sustained release of barley straw extract
  • Naturally maintains water clarity
  • Works all year round

Simply fill the included application mesh bag with only the corresponding application rate and place in the pond area of water movement ie around a waterfall, stream etc. This will facilitate a gradual degradation of the barley and allow more barley extract to be released into the pond system. For ponds smaller than 11,350 L place an unused portion in water tight container for later use.


Replace barley straw pellets every 3 months. 

Pond may become cloudy after application, this is normal. Cloudiness should clear within 24-48 hours after application.


225g Treats up to 1800L
450g Treats up to 3750L
900g Treats up to 7500L