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SMALL: Ideal for 150L Mixed Reef
Each pack is calculated for a specific size reef and should last approximately 3 months.

Introducing the Complete Reef Care, a revolutionary 4-part program scientifically formulated for effortless reef maintenance.
This proven system takes the guesswork out of coral care, ensuring optimal growth and vibrant colouration in your saltwater aquarium.

  • Replenishes Essential Elements: Provides all 36 major, minor, and trace elements corals need to thrive. These elements are vital for healthy growth, vibrant colours, and strong skeletal development.
  • Targeted Alkalinity Support: Includes dedicated components to address alkalinity needs, a crucial parameter for coral health.
  • Simplified Dosing: Forget complicated schedules! With just 4 bottles and 1 weekly calcium test, Complete Reef Care makes coral care manageable and efficient.

Available in 3 sizes, offering great value to any system, from a small mixed reef to a large dominant SPS tank.

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Simple. Safe. Successful

The new Complete Reef Care is a proven, 4-part program that ensures optimal coral growth & colouration, by replenishing the water with all 36 Major, Minor and trace elements that get used up regularly by the reef (including the Alkalinity components). 

The Complete Reef Care allows you…
4 bottles
1 Calcium test per week
and you’re done.

Good News!
If you do not have a refugium and are using the 7-Part Reef Care Foundation and Trace-Colours program, your life just got easier, as you can now seamlessly move to the 4-part Complete Reef Care.

If your reef system has a refugium, we recommend using the original 7-Part Reef Care Foundation and Trace-Colour program. The 7-part program enables precision supplementing for each element group, supporting the needs of both your corals and your refugium.

Fixed Ratio
Our long-term research has revealed that in reef systems without a refugium, the 36 Major, Minor and Trace elements and even the Alkalinity components are used up in a relatively fixed ratio, enabling you to supplement all element groups according to a measured Calcium uptake.

dose by Calcium
Since Calcium is the key indicator to coral growth, the 4-part program revolves around a single weekly measurement of Calcium, which determines the dosage of all 4 parts.

And here’s how it works:
The four parts are formulated in an easy-to-implement ratio. So, if Part-1, which includes Calcium, is 5ml, Part-2 will be 10ml and Parts 3 and 4 will both be 2.5ml

Simply set the initial recommended dosages and adjust them as the calcium uptake changes over time.

And once you connect the 4 parts to your ReefDose, your supplement routine will truly become as easy as you could ask for.  When you adjust the daily dose of Part 1, ReefDose will automatically adjust the dosages of parts 2-4!

To top it off, the four parts are provided in the same ratio that they are used up, so you finish all four parts at the same time, which of course, is super convenient. 

Complete Reef Care Packages
Available in 3 sizes, offering great value to any system, from a small mixed reef to a large dominant SPS tank.
Each pack is calculated for a specific size reef and should last approximately 3 months.

Ideal for  150L Mixed Reef   300L Mixed Reef   600L Mixed Reef 
Part 1 - Calcium & Magnesium+ 0.5L 1L 2L
Part 2 - KH/Alkalinity & PH Stabilizer 1L 2L 4L
Part 3 - Iodine & Potassium 0.25L


Part 4 - Iron & Bioactive Elements 0.25L 0.5L 1L

Complete Reef Care Explained

Complete Reef Care is a simple but comprehensive 4-part supplement program that ensures optimal coral growth and colouration, that revolves around a single weekly measurement of Calcium, which determines the dosages of all 4 parts.

A successful coral reef aquarium is dependent upon maintaining the appropriate water parameters that provide the stable environment required by the corals. This is achieved by starting with balanced seawater such as using Red Sea or Coral Pro Salt and using complete and balanced supplements, that are formulated to work together for long term use, without changing the ionic balance of the water.

Red Sea’s 4-Part Complete Reef Care is the result of years of research into the physiological demands of SPS, LPS & Soft Corals in the reef aquarium and practical experience with the original 7-Part Reef Care Program on tens of thousands of diverse reef tanks worldwide.

This research has shown that there are 36 Major, Minor and Trace elements that are regularly depleted from the aquarium water and have an active role in coral growth and colouration, as well as other biological activities of the reef environment. In reef systems without refugiums, coral growth is the most dominant biological process that affects the water chemistry, and that the 36 elements, including the Alkalinity components, are used up in a relatively fixed ratio. Since Calcium is the key indicator to coral growth, all the elements can be supplemented according to a measured uptake of calcium.

The Complete Reef Care divides the 36 Major, Minor and Trace elements into four parts to ensure their stability and bioavailability.

  • Part #1 contains: Calcium, Magnesium, Strontium & Barium.
  • Part #2 contains: KH/Alkalinity components.
  • Part #3 contains: Potassium, Boron and the halogens Iodine, Bromine and Fluorine.
  • Part #4 contains: Iron, Manganese, Cobalt, Copper, Aluminum, Zinc, Chrome, Nickel plus 18 other bioactive trace elements

Coral Growth & Colouration

Although all the elements found in natural seawater have an important role in providing the optimal water parameters, a few of them have a more significant role in the overall stability. These elements are the foundation of the reef environment, and they include the three major elements: Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg) and Bi-Carbonates (HCO3). These 3 elements have a major effect on the water chemistry (pH stability, Alkalinity, sea water ionic strength) and on many of the coral’s biological processes (skeleton formation, ions exchange, photosynthesis).

The minor and trace elements that are present in the skeleton and soft tissue of all corals are known as important biocatalysts in the thousands of metabolic processes in marine organisms as well as having a direct connection to specific coral pigments. All these elements must be readily available in all reef aquariums, however, many of them become toxic in concentrations above the levels found in natural sea water and therefore their correct dosage is crucial to the long-term success of any reef aquarium.

Coral Growth (Skeletogenesis) is the process by which the corals precipitate the foundation elements together with Strontium and Barium from the surrounding water to form the building blocks of coral skeletons. Corals build approximately 97% of their skeleton by combining Ca and CO3 ions from the water to form Aragonite (CaCO3). The rest of the skeleton is made up from the other minor and trace elements.

In unbalanced conditions such as low levels of Magnesium and Strontium the skeleton will develop with a higher proportion of Calcite making it more brittle and more susceptible to damage. The foundation elements complement each other in the formation of coral skeleton and if not available in the correct ratios one of them will quickly become the limiting factor of healthy coral growth.

Corals display their vivid colours due to the production of pigments (chromoproteins) that protect the delicate inner layers of the coral soft tissue from intense UV radiation, like the tanning of human skin when exposed to direct sunlight. The pigments can only be produced by the soft tissue of the coral if the specific elements required for the bio-chemical process are available in the correct concentration. Our research has identified 4 distinct groups of trace elements that have a direct connection to each of the natural pink, red, green/yellow & blue/purple coral pigments. However, all the elements are necessary for all mixed reefs and SPS aquariums without connection to the colours of the specific corals.

Elevated Levels of Foundation Elements

Elevated levels of the foundation elements create a higher saturation state inside the corals that induces faster aragonite formation making this process much more efficient (less energy required from the coral per gram of skeleton). Therefore, balanced elevated levels of the foundation elements will result in accelerated coral growth rates.

In reef aquariums, corals often have higher than natural populations of Zooxanthellae algae that give a deep brown tint obscuring the natural vivid pigments of the corals. Lowering the Zooxanthellae populations by fine control of algae nutrients (such as with Red Sea’s NO3:PO4-X) will remove the brownish tint and induce the production of pigments (chromoproteins), enhancing the coloration of the corals. When aiming to enhance coral coloration by reducing the levels of algae nutrients, it is advisable to maintain lower balanced levels of the foundation elements to prevent causing stress to the corals.

The desired levels of the foundation elements are therefore dependent on your objectives for your aquarium, and you should choose the salt mix and salinity that gives them. The Complete Reef Care supplements will then enable you to maintain these levels by replenishing the elements as they are used up.

Dosing by Calcium Explained

Since all of the 36 Major, Minor and Trace elements including the Alkalinity are used up in a relatively fixed ratio it may seem logical that the Complete Reef Care supplements can be dosed based on a measurement of the Alkalinity instead of calcium, however, this does not work.

Almost all the calcium and most of the other 36 elements are taken up exclusively by the biogeochemical processes of the corals and therefore there is a direct relationship between coral growth and the calcium uptake.

The carbonate and bicarbonate alkalinity components that are used by the corals to form its skeleton is an important part of the Total Alkalinity of the aquarium water, however, the measured Total Alkalinity also includes the Alkalinity of many other components such as borate, phosphate, fluoride, silicate, sulfate, nitrate, and organic compounds. These other components of total Alkalinity are easily affected by many non-coral related processes such as water changes, foods, supplements, build-up of organics and by-products of bacterial activity. Furthermore, there are other biogeochemical processes such as photosynthesis and nitrification that also consume carbonate alkalinity components.

Dosing all 4-parts based on the uptake of alkalinity, will also dose the Calcium and other elements that were not depleted by calcification. This will lead to higher concentrations of Ca and other trace elements that will cause precipitation and a drop in alkalinity that will break the delicate chemical balance of the water. On the other hand, corals have the ability to regulate the carbonate alkalinity inside their calcification centers and are able to adapt to slight changes in the Alkalinity of the aquarium water.

Recommended Daily Dose
Automatically set the initial recommended daily dose for all 4 parts based on your aquarium type, reefkeeping goals and water volume.

Manual Dose
Automatically gives manual adjustment doses for all 4 parts, in the correct ratio, according to the volume of Part#1

Dosing Data
Detailed record of all the supplement volumes that have been dosed per hour for the last 30 days.
Export a copy of the log if you wish to keep a record of your dosing history beyond the 30 days available from ReefBeat.

Supplement Volume Monitor
Monitors the amount of supplement left in the bottles, and lets you know when it is time to replace all 4 parts.

Dosing Calculator*
Calculates and recommends any manual adjustment doese and updates to the daily doses needed to maintain your desired level of Calcium and all the other elements.
* - coming soon

Calcium Test Log*
Record your Calcium test results to enable the Dosing Calculator to make its recommendations for maintaining the desired level of all elements.
* - coming soon

Last, but not least!
Check out MyRecipe wizard for a tailor-made reef care recipe based on your tank type and reefing goals, complete with the recommended water parameters, supplementing program, and the premium salt that is best for you.