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Red Sea Nitrate NO3 and Phosphate PO4 Reducer 1Litre





  • Description

Red Sea's N03:P04-X is a biological Nitrate and Phosphate reducer and enables corals to display their natural colours. 

Red Sea’s algae management program provides an easy and reliable method to control algae nutrient levels, which controls the presence of nuisance algae and the population of the symbiotic Zooxanthellae which are essential for most corals.

Red Sea N03:P04-X is a unique complex of a number of different carbon molecules and other organic-bonded elements that enable a controlled biological reduction of algae nutrients (nitrate and phosphate) by naturally occurring nutrient reducing bacteria that exist in all aquariums.



  • Controllable and safe nitrate & phosphate reduction
  • Sets and maintains ongoing desired levels of nitrate and phosphate
  • Promotes coral growth and coloration
  • Reef Safe, no undesirable side effects
  • Easy to use, reliable and cost effective


N03: P04 -X should not be used in conjunction with Phosphate removers. 

Contains Methanol and acetic acid.

Aquarium Type Recommended Level of NO3 & PO4 Dosage Per 95L
Mixed Reef NO3 (1-2ppm) & PO4 (0.08-0.12ppm) 2ml 
SPS Frag NO3 (1-2ppm) & PO4 (0.08-0.12ppm) 2ml 
SPS Dominant NO3 (1.25-1.5ppm) & PO4 (0.01-0.02ppm) 1-2ml 
Ultra Low Nutrient SPS NO3 (0ppm) & PO4 (0ppm) 1-2ml 
Fish Only NO3 (<10) & PO4 (<1) 3ml