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Red Sea REEFER Peninsula 500 WHITE

Prices start from $4410.00






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500 Litres Total Volume

125 x 60 x 60cm + 100cm
15mm Ultra Clear Glass

The new REEFER Peninsula bring reef keeping to a new level with new possibilities.


Packed with all of the advanced features of the original REEFER line including new and improved sumps and cabinets, these new models are constructed to quality standards that are world class and provide an ideal solution for any hobbyist looking for a larger, more sophisticated reef system.


The REEFER Peninsula offers an impressive and elegant room divider solution with all of the features of our advanced REEFER systems. A rimless, ultra-clear glass coral reef aquarium is formed into a perfect peninsula that gives you a fascinating view from all three sides, adding complexity and intrigue to any reefscape.

These 60cm high aquariums are set on stylish yet heavy duty cabinets with epoxy painted finish on both sides. The cabinet includes a dedicated ventilated compartment for chiller and control systems and the doors may be assembled on either side of the cabinet to suit the layout of the room.


The unique design of the Peninsula with the overflow system at one end of the aquarium instead of at the center also makes it ideal for a room corner installation.


The REEFER Peninsula series have advanced sumps with the following exciting new features:

  • An adjustable height skimmer chamber, enabling you to set the water level (between 21-27cm) for optimal skimmer performance.
  • A “Refugium Ready” sump with two pre-set positions allows you to decide how much of the sump you want for your skimmer and other reactors and how much as a dedicated refugium chamber.
  • 4 micron filter bags.
  • Larger RO liter reservoirs that can be slid aside when necessary for pump maintenance.

The REEFER Peninsula Series – what’s included:

  • Rimless, 15mm ultra-clear glass aquarium. 125 x 60 x 60 cm (160 cm height inc cabinet). 
  • 398 Display tank volume, 102L sump & 22.5L reservoir (500L total).
  • Skimer chamber 41 x 51 cm, pump chamber 26 x 28 cm
  • Elegant Marine-Spec plywood cabinet with levelling feet
  • Refugium-Ready sump with adjustable height skimmer chamber and micron filter bags
  • Integrated automatic top-up with reservoir
  • Silent, regulated down-flow system with emergency overflow
  • Assembly-ready piping – no gluing required
  • Recommended pump size 6000 l/ph (sold separately).