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Reptile One Corner Dyno Hammock





  • Description

The 38cm x 34cm Corner Reptile One Dyno Seagrass Hammock allows you to create the perfect resting place for your reptile.

Constructed from seagrass material, the Dyno Hammocks features suction cups and leather straps that can be attached to glass, plastic or acrylic within your enclosure.

The easy installation and removal makes cleaning the hammock nice and easy too.

  • 38x34cm
  • Constructed from seagrass
  • Suction cups and leather straps for easy attachment to glass, plastic or acrylic within your enclosure
  • A suspended hammock for your reptiles to rest, climb or play on
  • Excellent for climbing lizards; such as Bearded Dragons, Water Dragons, Boyd's Forest Dragons etc
  • Provide a comfortable and elevated spot for your reptile to bask or cool down
  • Removable and easy to clean

Part No. 46646