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Reptile One Lamp Compact 13w UVB 10.0





Product Description

Reptile One Compact UVB Bulb 13W UVB 10.0 E27 Fitting (46697)

The Reptile One Compact UVB Lamp is essential for reptile health and growth.
The UVB output will stimulate activity and appetite in your reptile, metabolising calcium for healthy bone growth while in captivity.

Suitable for: Reptiles and Amphibians

Features & Benefits:

  • Produces UVA and UVB spectra found in sunlight
  • Assists in natural production of Vitamin D3
  • Promotes feeding, breeding and healthy growth rates
  • Suitable for smaller terrariums
  • Ideal for creating different 'zones' within your reptile enclosure

Suitable for use in snake and lizard enclosures


  • When changing a UVB Lamp, be sure to let the bulb cool down before handling
  • UVB is a key role in the production of Vitamin D3
  • UVB globes do not penetrate glass and should be replaced every 6 months
  • When handling UVB globe, handle by the base to prevent breakage and wipe globe with tissue after installation
  • Different species require different output levels of UVB to maintain health and wellbeing