Salifert Nitrite Profi Test Kit

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The most sensitive, accurate and fastest nitrite test kit available.

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The Salifert Nitrite Profi Test Kit is a highly accurate and sensitive test kit that allows you to quickly and easily determine the nitrite levels in your aquarium water.
Nitrite is a toxic substance that can be deadly to fish and invertebrates, so it is important to monitor the levels in your tank regularly.

The Salifert Nitrite Profi Test Kit is easy to use and provides accurate results in minutes.

  • Simply fill the test vial with a sample of aquarium water, add the reagents, and compare the color of the solution to the included color chart.
  • The results will show you the nitrite levels in your tank, in parts per million (ppm).

It is a misconception that once a tank is through its cycle (first 3 or 4 weeks) that nitrite has vanished.

Many nitrite test kits suffer from interference by amines (such as naturally occurring and essential amino acids) resulting in a too low measured value especially if the nitrite concentration is relatively low.

Nitrite is converted to nitrate in properly cycled aquariums.
The thus formed nitrate is transformed into harmless nitrogen gas (=denitrification). This happens in areas deprived of oxygen within live rock and miscellaneous filter materials.

Before it can be transformed to nitrogen gas the nitrate is first converted back to nitrite.
When for whatever reason this particular cycle can not be completed, toxic nitrite can be present in significant concentration and readily be detected by test kits that do not suffer from amine interference.

Many nitrite test kits have the potency to suffer from amine interference resulting in toxic nitrite not being detected.

Salifert’s Nitrite test kit does not suffer from such an amine interference because very special ingredients are used.

These same ingredients also result in a full color development within minutes.
The developed color is very intense making detection of even minute traces of nitrite easy.
It probably is the most sensitive, accurate and fastest nitrite test kit available.

 The kit can perform approx. 60 measurements.

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