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Seachem Flourish Excel

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Flourish Excel promotes the ferrous state of Iron and is a source of bio available organic carbon.


All plants require a source of carbon. This is typically retained from CO2, but may also be derived from simple organic compounds (such as photosynthesis intermediates). Therefore one can derive a substantial benefit with the use of Flourish Excel either alone or in conjunction with CO2 injection.


Flourish Excel also has iron reducing properties which promote the ferrous state of Iron (fe) which is more easily used by plants than ferric iron.


Flourish Excel is an integral component of Seachems plant line that it is recommended for use with the entire Flourish line.


Contains no phosphate or nitrate. Safe for invertebrates such as shrimp.

1 capful (5ml) for every 200L daily or every other day. Dosing may be slowly increased in high growth aquariums. For a smaller dosing, please note that each cap thread is approximately 1ml. DO NOT OVERDOSE.


Can also be used as an effective algaecide when the dosage is doubled and used on a daily basis until algae is no longer present. Please note that doubling the dosage should be done so gradually everyday over one week.