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Sera Bettagran Color Granules 24g





  • Description

Sera Bettagran is a first class granulated food made from selected and carefully processed ingredients.

The color food consisting of slowly sinking soft granules

sera Bettagran is the easily digestible color food consisting of carefully manufactured fine granules for all fish that eat in the middle water layers, e.g. the splendid Bettas.

Due to high quality ingredients such as Haematococcus algae, it supports color development in a directed and natural way and enhances disease resistance.

The slowly sinking soft and fine granules quickly become smooth in water while it keep their shape particularly well and do not pollute the water.

Valuable ingredients provide a balanced diet and ensure healthy, splendidly colored animals.

Swimming zone

  • mid

Feeding recommendation

Feed once or twice daily, only as much as the animals take up within a short time.